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Working collaboratively to ensure ‘Dingo-safe’ behaviour

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Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Butchulla Land and Sea Rangers, Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation staff and Queensland police staff are committed to ensuring ‘dingo-safe’ behaviours from everyone on K’gari. 

This holiday period reported lower visitation numbers, but camper briefings and compliance are still required to ensure people are ‘Dingo-safe’ during the busy period.

Make sure you’re following the rules to keep you and K’gari’s wongaries safe (Photo: Linda Behrendorff)

Recent media attention highlighted dingo-human interactions and high-value fines for feeding and attracting dingoes on K’gari. With the wongari breeding season approaching, effective joint messaging by all stakeholders promotes the united front necessary to achieve wongari conservation and risk mitigation.

Members of the public are also assisting by reporting wongari sightings, interactions and inappropriate human behaviour to dingo.ranger@des.qld.gov.au

Article contributed by QPWS

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