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A Fitting Sign of the Times

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Fraser Island paramedic Phil Switzer has received a farewell gift from Fraser Island (K’gari) that he can’t take with him.

The Queensland Ambulance Officer-In-Charge, is moving from the sands of Fraser Island to take up a posting in the dusty soils of Blackall in western Queensland.

As a farewell gift, Phil was presented with a sign for a recently-created street at Happy Valley in front of the ambulance station.

Phil and Kim Switzer joined by David and Marion Anderson of the Ambulance Committee at the newly named Switzer Place

Fraser Coast Regional Council named the street Switzer Place after an approach from the Fraser Island Association to the Deputy Mayor Cr Darren Everard.

Switzer Place, which will never be open to vehicles, adds its 20-metre width to the land in front of the ambulance station which is used for emergency helicopter retrievals.

Phil Switzer, who was the victim of a stabbing attack at the Happy Valley ambulance station in July 2016, became his own patient and was taken off by helicopter from that emergency landing area.

He leaves the island after six years of exceptional service to the community and the island’s many visitors.

He was presented with the sign by the president of the Fraser Island Local Ambulance Committee, Marion Anderson in appreciation of his dedicated service and his community support.

Marion said Phil would be missed and that Blackall would be gaining an experienced and exceptional paramedic and officer-in-charge.

The community was represented at the presentation and a lunch that followed by the island’s Police, National Parks, the Fraser Island Association, the Local Ambulance Committee, First Responders, the Happy Valley Community Association and Kingfisher Bay management.

Article contributed by David Anderson, Fraser Island Association

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