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K’gari (Fraser Island) CLOSED to all visitors due to COVID-19

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Currently applies until 31 May 2020

Due to the COVID-19 social distancing and essential travel requirements, travel to K’gari (Fraser Island) is restricted to island community residents, resort caretakers, island businesses and those providing essential services until further notice. This is a necessary precaution to safeguard the health and safety of the local community.

Maritime Safety Queensland under the Disaster Management Act 2003, has also enforced a 100m exclusion zone in waters around K’gari for all recreational vessels from 30 March to 29 May, unless otherwise advised. This notice is for pleasure craft only, and not for commercial/emergency services, marine rescue and essential services for the Island (Manta Ray and Kingfisher barges, etc.).

Travel restrictions on K’gari

Travel by residents and essential workers is permitted for essential travel only. Those travelling between the island and mainland must show proof of their permanent island residential address. Queensland police officers will be stationed at island barges and will be checking all travellers to confirm they meet the residential and essential travel requirements before granting access to K’gari.

In line with the COVID-19 travel restrictions, several road closures are in place.

Roads OPEN:

  • Eastern Beach
  • Orchid Beach to Middle Rocks (both directions)
  • Indian Head bypass
  • Poyungan bypass
  • Yidney bypass
  • Cornwells Road
  • Eurong to King Fisher Bay Resort via Cornwells, Pile Valley and Eurong roads.

Roads OPEN for EMERGENCY purposes only:

  • Wanggoolba – Central Road
  • Hook Point Inland Road
  • Dillingham’s Road
  • Ungowa Road
  • Wathumba Road

Within Fraser Island Recreation Area, all camping areas, visitor facilities, day-use areas, walking tracks and some roads are closed until further notice.  People should not visit any closed areas, unless authorised, for their and their community’s safety and protection. Compliance with the closures will be monitored. See here for further information regarding restricted access.

For more information on the current COVID-19 restrictions for K’gari, please check Queensland Health, Fraser Coast Regional Council and the Department of Environment and Science website and park alerts regularly for updates.

Contributed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service & Partnerships

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