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Fraser Coast Regional Council Biosecurity Team Update

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Unfortunately, the Biosecurity Team will not be on K’gari this May, due to the COVID-19 as Council’s social distance is 3 metres. Even the prescribed 1.5m distance can’t be met in a vehicle, so there is no chance of Council being able to take four vehicles over or even sending two staff with two vehicles.

Easter Cassia – it’s easy to spot these weeds as they flower in April and May

The biosecurity staff really enjoy going over and seeing what has changed, what work (invasive pest plants) needs doing and catching up with anyone and everyone associated with the Island.

On their last trip the team experimented with the drone and we are very much looking forward to doing more in that space, fine tuning data collection as they did last November. Plans are to be over in November again this year, but like William Tell said, ‘Time will Tell’.

The roads that the council team maintain were getting into pretty good shape with less invasive weeds on every visit, so the team hope that the island doesn’t remain closed for too long, as the weeds may creep up in abundance again.

The whole island is hurting at the moment with little to no visitation from not only the usual tourists, but also the groups that help to make it a better place.  Though with low to no tourists, K’gari is probably coping quite well, allowing QPWS staff to get works done they usually are unable to.

When our next FINIA meeting is due we hope to be able to meet in one room again.

Article submitted by Col Zemek, Fraser Coast Regional Council

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