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Butchulla Junior Rangers Program

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The Butchulla Land and Sea Rangers (BLSR) with assistance from Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation (BAC) staff, have kicked off their highly popular 2020 Junior Ranger Program at Urangan Point State School.

The program, which is run over eight weeks, has eight modules with a focus on the cultural and environmental values of Butchulla Country: Butchulla Culture, Marine Debris, Milbi (marine turtles), World Heritage, Wongari (dingo), Cultural Heritage, Girra (fire) and Cultural Places. 

Ranger Coordinator, Chantel Van Wamelen using sand art to tell the K’gari story (Photo: BLSR)

“Butchulla Culture” was the first lesson theme, with students participating in a smoking ceremony and welcome; dance and language activities and cultural storytelling through sand art.

In week two, the Junior Ranger program’s focus topic was “Marine Debris”. Rangers delivered a presentation on the impacts on marine life and the environment due to pollution.  Rangers also showcased the work they do to reduce pollution and care for country such as beach clean-ups, derelict crab pot clean-ups and their ‘Creek 4 A Week’ program. 

Students participated in a marine debris breakdown timeline activity, which identified the estimated time it takes for different man-made materials to break down in our oceans and a short outdoor game focusing on the marine food chain and the effects of microplastic in the ocean.

Senior Ranger, Corey Currie, helps students to identify milbi (marine turtles) Photo: BLSR

Week three focused on Marine Milbi’s (turtles) their lifecycle, the threats they encounter and the work that rangers do to reduce these threats.  Students participated in a Milbi identification activity, using the Milbi identification key to match the adult and hatchling species by their physical features. 

BLSR/BAC staff look forward to supporting students through their learning journey over the term to develop a deeper understanding of the area they live and play with the hope that it will increase their appreciation and responsibility for Butchulla Country.

Contributed by Chantel Van Wamelen, BLSR

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  1. Zela Bissett says:

    Fantastic program Chantelle

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