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Restocking the Eurong Nursery

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Did you know that FIDO has a native plant nursery on K’gari?

Situated at Eurong, the nursery was established to encourage the landholders to replace their introduced garden plant species with native plants.

In July, Nursery Coordinator, Suzanne Wilson and volunteer, Su Dawson, did a regular check-in at the nursery.

Landholders Richard and Jennifer with some of their chosen plants from the Eurong Nursery (Photo: FIDO)

Five new species were added to the plants being propagated: Banksia aemula (wallam banksia – a shrub), Chrysocephylum apiculatum (yellow buttons – a ground cover), Tetragonia tetragonoides (Warrigal greens – bush food plant), Clematicissus opaca (small-leaved water vine – a climber) and ­ – (low shrub/ ground cover). Platysace leaves when crushed have a pleasant scent, and the plant comes from the same family (Apiacea) as carrots or parsley.

Added to these – Petalostigma pubescens, Melastoma malabathricum, Banksia robur, Ficinia nodosa, Banksia integrifolia, Austromyrtus dulcis, Leptospermum polygalifolim, Dianella congesta, Hoya australis, Tecomanthe hillii, Embelia Australiana. Lomandra sp., Carpobrutus glaucescens, Sannantha similis, and Phebalium woombye, a total of 20 species were sowed either by seed or cuttings, building the stock back up for further plant giveaways.

The FIDO team were surprised to find the seed of Macrozamia douglasii (Great Sandy Zamia) collected in February 2019 had finally started to sprout.  As Suzanne noted – some things take time.

It’s busy but rewarding work, with plants provided to two landholders in Eurong’s Residential Valley. Plants are provided for free, but a donation to continue FIDO’s work is always welcome. If you require plants, please contact the team for more information at fraserislandplants@gmail.com

Article contributed by Fraser Island Defenders Organisation

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