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Totally Wild for K’gari

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In late October, Network Ten’s popular children’s show, Totally Wild, filmed with the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation and Butchulla Land and Sea Rangers.  

The BAC, BLSR and Skilling Queenslanders for Work Trainees recorded a total of four segments over two days featuring the Junior Rangers program (with Senior Students from the Urangan Point State School) on Butchulla Culture and Cultural Heritage, along with Myrtle Rust and Marine Debris.  The segments will go to air in the coming weeks.

Totally Wild has been providing quality stories for young people for over 25 years, taking their audience on wildlife adventures across Australia and around the globe. Every episode brings something new – from unique animal behaviour to extreme and unusual sports, outdoor adventures and the latest environmental stories.

Article contributed by the Butchulla Land and Sea Rangers

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