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Mission Biosecurity is LIVE!

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The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has teamed up with Costa Georgiadis of Gardening Australia and our colleagues in New South Wales and around Australia to bring you Mission Biosecurity!

Costa Georgiadis, Biosecurity Ambassador

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become a biosecurity warrior, and help protect Australia from plant and animal pests and diseases.

“My love of gardening was cultivated by my grandparents, and the time I spent in their suburban garden when I was growing up. I fell in love with gardening and went on to study landscape architecture at university, exploring the relationship between gardening and sustainability.”

“The world of biosecurity is no longer just quarantine at the national border, the technology in biosecurity now is mind-blowing, and the science being executed is phenomenal.”

“Understanding what biosecurity experts do can help us as a nation, manage things better. The big picture challenges can be solved with lots of little steps.”

“We’re in this together, side by side with the birds, the bees, the frogs, the insects, the plants, the whole ecosystem. We’re partners. We’re family.”

“During Mission Biosecurity, you’re going to meet scientists, experts, specialists and passionate citizen doers, people on a mission, sharing the latest info about what biosecurity is and better still, how you can be a part of it.”

This article previously appeared in the Biosecurity News Mission Biosecurity Special Edition newsletter

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Check out the great Mission Biosecurity hub with some great resources including podcasts, classroom materials and the garden escapee game. Become a Biosecurity Warrior today!

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