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Butchulla Rangers and Trainees Helping K’gari Grow

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FIDO’s February Bush Regeneration trip had a particular focus, hosting four Butchulla Conservation and Land management trainees, Jymara Burns, Sharneeka Doyle, Chase Chapman, Dakota Broome and their Supervisor Bob Broome.

The purpose of the visit was to learn as much as possible about the Eurong Plant Nursery.

Suzanne hosted them at the nursery and in the field, and they learnt about seed collection. The team also collected vegetative plant material to grow plants from cuttings.  The seeds were cleaned and sowed, and the cuttings prepared and placed in trays to produce new plants. The students also learnt some plant names and recorded the species propagated for future reference. We talked about the many resources for identifying plants and weeds and about the App. iNaturalist and its role in recording K’gari’s diversity.

Su Dawson had the students assist in removing corky passion vine located at Central Station. They helped weed and plant a new garden Su is establishing at the Beach entrance to Eurong. We also discussed Eurong’s most prevalent weeds, and a variety of removal methods were practised.

Much learning was had by all involved, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for these young trainees.

“May we continue to work together for the love of K’gari.”

Contributed by Suzanne Wilson, FIDO

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