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Under the Local Government Act 2009, local government is authorised to make and enforce any local law “that is necessary or convenient for the good rule and local government of its area.”

Fraser Coast Regional Council has seven local laws that apply across the Fraser Coast region. The current local laws were made in December 2011 and last reviewed in December 2015. Fraser Coast Regional Council recently commenced a review of their local laws to ensure they align with the Council’s strategic direction and make them easier to understand and more user-friendly for the community.

Have your say on the Fraser Coast’s Local Laws

Local laws must be updated to meet best practice guidelines and be consistent with state legislation (where relevant) and Council’s strategies, policies and the local planning scheme. It’s also good practice to regularly review and update legislation to ensure it still meets the local community’s needs.

Fraser Coast Council’s current local laws cover a range of topics:

  • Administration
  • Animal Management
  • Community and Environmental Management
  • Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads
  • Parking
  • Bathing Reserves
  • Waste Management.

Local governments are required to consult the community when new local laws are proposed. But proactively, Fraser Coast Regional Council has decided not to wait until new laws are proposed before consulting the Fraser Coast community to identify issues from the community’s perspective. So, when Council proposes new laws, they should already meet the community’s needs, and the community will understand what the laws aim to achieve.

Council has hosted stakeholder and community workshops on the local laws around the Fraser Coast and has a survey available on their website for your feedback (open until 22 August). If you have an opinion about where dogs should/shouldn’t be allowed off-leash, cat registration, transport of plants to K’gari or how emerging weeds, pests, and diseases could be better managed, then the Council would love to hear from you.

When the current consultation is complete and Council has reviewed all of the community feedback, they will undertake a full review of the laws before proposing amendments or new laws.

For more information, including fact sheets and information about the Local Laws, please check out Council’s website: https://frasercoast.engagementhub.com.au/local-laws

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