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Focus on Finding the Five

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A further focus on fighting five species of tropical invasive plants is heralded with the approval of a three-year response plan by the National Management Group as part of the National Tropical Weeds Eradication Program

The distinctive leaves of Miconia which has been recorded in South East Queensland (Photo: Queensland Government).

This plan aims to eradicate five invasive plant species, including Limnocharis (Limnocharis flava), Miconia (Miconia calvescens, Miconia nervosa and Miconia racemosa), as well as Mikania vine (Mikania micrantha).

These five species have been part of a targeted agreement between Federal, State and local governments. As a result, new techniques to confirm the presence of these species are now available, including rapid genetic testing to confirm infertile material and the use of unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance and remote sensing measures to locate these species in difficult and inaccessible areas. 

The fight against the five is only possible by people being alert and logging the locations of these species early, allowing effective control. Finding the five precedes finishing them. 

For information on these and other weeds, please contact the Queensland Herbarium on (07) 3199 7671, email a photo to Queensland.Herbarium@qld.gov.au, use the weed spotter app for Android smartphones or contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

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