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K’gari Natural Resource and Wongari (Dingo) Management Team Win Safety Award

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The Director-General’s Safety Behaviour Awards recognise and reward individuals and teams who have demonstrated commitment, leadership, and best practice in the workplace to improve the department’s health and safety culture.

Twenty-eight nominations across two categories were entered for the award that focuses on preventative measures.The NR&WM team was awarded for Best Team Contribution to Improving Safety and Wellbeing. This category recognises the team efforts and practices that establish, improve and maintain safety and wellbeing by implementing preventative measures and influencing safety behaviour.

Keeping visitors dingo-safe is priority-one for the Wongari Management Team on K’gari, with the team actively educating visitors through a broad ‘Be dingo safe’ campaign which includes campsite briefings – particularly for families with small children. They also monitor wongari behaviour with tracking collars and maintain a range of safety measures, including wongari fencing and campsite locker boxes. Their work has recently been endorsed by an expert panel and the Queensland Chief Scientist, who support their ongoing efforts and action.’

The team recognises that this is a fantastic acknowledgement for the work we all do, including all the other management units, co-managers and stakeholders that are a part of the ongoing Conservation and Risk Management program. So a big thank you to the anonymous person(s) who nominated the team for this award.

On behalf of the team, thank you for the acknowledgement and to all working with QPWS to ensure the conservation and risk management of K’gari wongari.

Contributed by QPWS Natural Resource & Wongari Management team K’gari

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