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FINIA and FIDO to assist in Post-fire Recovery Action Plan

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Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service have asked FINIA and FIDO to help implement the IGEM K’gari Ecological Assessment Monitoring and Research Report’s recommendations.

Casuarina equisetifolia subsp. incana is not recovering well with the seed bank destroyed by the bushfire (Photo: Queensland Herbarium)

Activities, which FIDO will lead, are currently under development and will include two projects. The first is a 12-month targeted rehabilitation project to re-seed a small number of the foredunes badly impacted by the 2020 bushfire. The targeted rehabilitation project will focus on the narrow band of Casuarina equisetifolia subsp. incana woodland and some other components of the ecosystem complex such as Banksia integrifolia and C. tessellaris dominated areas (vine thicket). 

The second project, which will be delivered over five years, aims to reduce the impacts of the Pandanus leafhopper, Jamella australiae, on post-fire recovery of Pandanus tectorius and build knowledge of abundance and distribution to improve the development/implementation of control programs. Volunteers will be working to collect seed, and direct sow/propagate to assist with the revegetation of Pandanus on the island destroyed by the bushfire.

More information on the two projects will be released when available. 

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