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Sustainable Visitor Capacity Study of K’gari (Fraser Island)

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The Department of Environment and Science (DES) is funding a sustainable visitor capacity (SVC) study of the Cooloola Recreation Area, Bribie Island National Park and K’gari (Fraser Island) and has engaged EarthCheck Pty Ltd to deliver this.

Through the study, DES is seeking recommendations to:

Defining strategies for sustainable visitation on K’gari (Photo QPWS)

• Manage  sustainable visitor capacities across specific parts of these areas
• Improve public enjoyment of these areas, with an emphasis on social behaviours
• Enhance protection of the environment and cultural heritage sites and improve respect for country, and
• Facilitate improved behaviour in the use of vehicles on beaches within these areas.

For the SVC to be fully informed, EarthCheck is reaching out to a range of partners and stakeholders, including relevant First Nations organisations, permit holders, authorised commercial operators, community organisations, industry groups and state government departments, councils, and elected representatives.

The reason for the study is to ensure Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service can continue to enhance and improve its management of these areas moving forward, for environmental and cultural heritage protection and for public enjoyment. It is expected the study will be finalised by mid-2022.

Article contributed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

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