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Fraser Coast Council launches K’gari Waste Management & Resource Recovery Strategy

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In January 2021, Fraser Coast Regional Council were granted funding under the Australian Heritage Grants Program 2020-21 to support the development and implementation of a Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy for K’gari (Fraser Island).

The project aimed to maintain, protect, and conserve World Heritage and cultural values through sustainable approaches to waste management in partnership with the Butchulla People. 

The opportunity to develop a coordinated strategy has fostered positive relationships and formulated partnerships with the Butchulla community and key stakeholders. Together, the Strategy has been developed with the underlying objective of preventing environmental harm and conserving the natural and cultural values of K’gari (Fraser Island) through a sustainable approach to waste management.

Conway Burn’s artwork highlights the connection between Butchulla People and their bond with land and sea country

Upgrades and changes to waste infrastructure and management processes have been outlined in this strategy to address the poor waste management and resource recovery outcomes of current practices, environmental and human health risks, and growth in demand. The proposed services ensure that waste management practices are commensurate with the World Heritage status of K’gari (Fraser Island). To allow for increased resource recovery opportunities and risk mitigation, the improvements in waste management processes have been identified and scheduled into deliverable actions for implementation.

After extensive community and stakeholder engagement over five months and in consultation with their K’gari Waste Management Advisory Committee, Fraser Coast Council’s Waste team has now finalised the Strategy, which Council endorsed at their July general Council meeting.

You can read the project’s Community Engagement Report here. You can read the strategy here.

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