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Weed busting on Fraser Island.

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by Col Zemek Fraser Coast Regional Council
Have you noticed plants introduced to gardens in the townships of Fraser Island escaping and spreading throughout the island and into the National Park? You can help stop this spread by removing them wherever you see them and planting recommended plants native to Fraser Island.Even bringing plants onto the island may spread things like Myrtle rust which is now prevalent on the mainland. Council have declared under Local law fourteen plants of which seven are specifically for Fraser Island only.

These plants have been declared to protect the environment, agriculture, public health and amenity within the Fraser Coast region. If you find them on your property please remove them.

  • Easter cassia (F.I only)
  • Bathurst burr
  • Coastal morning glory (F.I only)
  • Grader grass
  • Glory lily (F.I only)
  • Mother of millions (live leaf)
  • Mother in laws tongue (F.I only)
  • Noogoora burr
  • Mickey mouse plant (F.I only)
  • Saffron thistle
  • Sisal hemp (F.I only)
  • Star burr
  • Umbrella tree (F.I only)
  • Thorn apples

Each of these declared plants will be featured in the coming newsletters. For further information visit Council website www.frasercoast.qld.gov.au

The cooler months are almost upon us, and still a great time for controlling weedy plants before Winter. Remember to think before bringing plants onto Fraser Island as you could be harbouring pests. Excellent weeding was seen during last November 2012 inspections. Officers will be re-inspecting Fraser Island townships early June.

Happy weeding!