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Weed Busting: Easter Cassia

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Easter Cassiaby Col Zemek Fraser Coast Regional Council

Easter Cassia (Senna pendula var. glabrata)

Declared under Local Law No. 3 (2010) for Fraser Island ONLY
A native to tropical America.

A rounded shrub in open areas or somewhat lanky in understorey sites growing 1.5 to 5m with mid green compound leaves and rounded leaflets in 3-6 pairs.
Bright yellow flowers with prominent stamens in Autumn and Winter. Producing long rounded green bean-like pods maturing to brown.
Easily colinises disturbed areas and invades bushland. A commonly found plant noticed more in Winter along roadsides.
Manual control by hand removing small plants. Seed pods should be removed and bagged. Chemical control by cut stump with Glyphosate or basal bark spray with fluoxypyr and diesel.

Alternatives to plant: Coast canthium  Cyclophyllum coprosmoides or  Beach aspen Achroychiaimperforata