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Weed Busting: Glory Lily

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Glory Lilyby Col Zemek Fraser Coast Regional Council


Glory lily (Gloriosa superba)
Declared under Local Law No. 3 (2010) for Fraser Island ONLY.
A native to Africa and Asia.

A perennial herb with climbing stems to 4m. The plant dies back over winter and produces underground tubers. Leaves are shiny, green narrow with tendrils at the tips used for support. Produces showy orange, red or yellow flowers with “petals” turned back to expose the stamens. Flowers from October to May followed by fleshy capsules with red seeds. Plants are highly toxic to humans, native animals and livestock. These plants are often found in older gardens, invades bushland, coastal habitat and tolerates nutrient poor soils.
Control by digging out tubers(using gloves).Collect and destroy seed pods.
Chemical control December and February using glyphosate(20mL/L)+metsulfuron methyl 1.5g/10L with surfactant.

Alternative to plant: coastal pigface Carpobrotus glaucescens