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Weed Busting: Mother of Millions and Live Leaf

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Mother of Millionsby Col Zemek Fraser Coast Regional Council

Mother of Millions (left) Bryophyllum delagoense and hybrids and

Live leaf (below right) B.pinnatum

These fleshy leaved succulents with apt names will flower through winter.

Live LeafThe leaves are fleshy, tubular, boat- shaped or broad oval with scalloped margins. Each leaf is capable of producing many plantlets. The plants often blend into bushland until the showy bell shaped flowers are produced in Winter. They are often found in gardens, along roadsides and old dump sites. Toxic to humans and animals

Remove by hand ensuring all leaves etc are picked up and bag all plant material.

Chemical control by spraying with Grazon extra,Starane etc. Always read and use in accordance all herbicide labels before applying.