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K’Gari’s Six Dune Systems

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In this FIDO Backgrounder, rhyme describes the nexus between K’Gari’s soil formation and vegetation types.

dune system 1

Dune System One/ The soil has just begun/ With A and B little or none/ And the ecosystem is underdone.

dune system 2

Dune System Two/ B’s got a darker hue/ Eucalypts are now in view/ But soil development has much to do.

dune system 4

Dune System Three/ Has many a Blackbutt tree/ Richer horizon B and nutrients the key/ The forest resulting is grand to see.

dune system 4 rainforest

Dune System Four/ Gets the highest score/ B horizon is further below the floor/ It supports rainforests and much more.

dune system 5

Dune System Five/ The ecosystems losing its drive/ Tall trees shrink just to stay alive/ Roots can’t reach the B, though they strive.

dune system 6

Dune System Six/ The ecosystem is in a fix/ Tall trees have turned into Mallee sticks/ Reaching deeper nutrients defies all tricks.

John Sinclair (AO), FIDO

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