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Weeds of the Month – Please keep your eyes open for these!

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Inspections in Fraser Island townships continue every May and November, with great work occurring with the volunteer groups and residents.

sisal 1

Look out for—Sisal hemp

There are still plants being brought over from the mainland seen without any known quarantine. Please think before bringing plants to the island to reduce the potential for spreading disease and pests.

We are hoping that we have tackled most of the large broad-leaved peppers in Happy Valley, but if anyone knows of any more please let us know. This also applies with the spotting of Easter Cassia and umbrella trees in Eurong.

This work could not be achieved without all FINIA associates’ assistance. Thank you.

Sisal hemp (Local Law No. 3)

Agave sisalana

  • A succulent plant from Mexico, originally cultivated for its fibre.
  • Tough rosette of thick sword-shaped, smooth-edged leaves to two metres.
swamp lily

Native alternative—Swamp Lily (Crinum sp.)

  • flowers green/yellow on a long central stem to over 5m
  • Rhizomes sucker from the base and plantlets grow from flowering stem.
  • found in rocky hillslopes, roadsides, beach dunes and older gardens.
  • Carefully hand remove and bag when small.
  • Chemical control by applying glyphosate through stem injection or cut, scrape and paint. Apply picloram and triclopyr (e.g., Access) at 1:60 mix with diesel using basal bark method (PER11463).
  • Before using any herbicide, always read the label carefully and apply strictly in accordance with directions on the label.

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