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Work Continues on George Haddock Track

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Track clearing

Track clearing was done manually, with little assistance other than from battery-operated chainsaws to deal with larger tree-falls across the track

Over the 2016 Easter weekend, 16 volunteers helped to honour FIDO’s obligation to maintain the George Haddock Track. The team cleared 17 km of track of fallen timber and major regrowth.  During 2014, FIDO and National Parks Association of Queensland volunteers cleared 22.7 km of walking tracks along former logging tracks and roads in nine different sections of the 52 km George Haddock Track, supported by a Friends of Parks grant.  No maintenance had been done since October 2013, except for a little clearing between Lake Coomboo and Hidden Lake.

During these latest clearing efforts, the swathe of cleared ground around the Harold Charles Barracks was greatly extended by stripping away regrowth and accumulated fallen debris.  This will provide critical infrastructure with a greater safety margin from potential fires. It also created a larger flat area for campers participating in future working bees.

John Sinclair (AO), FIDO

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  1. I am going to have to check out this track next time I am over there, it sounds pretty good.

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