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Call for Volunteers to work on K’gari, Second Half 2016

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FIDO has been conducting week-long working bees to tackle the urban weeds of Fraser Island for more than a decade. With support of other organizations aiming to improve the natural integrity, FIDO is determined to bring the urban weeds in the townships of Eurong and Happy Valley under control.

Volunteering has progressively grown with each new event offered. Many volunteers are returning (some more than four or more times). As a result more recently our logistics have been unable to accommodate all applicants.

While the houses can accommodate up to 9 we can only provide transport from Brisbane to Fraser Island for up to 6 volunteers in FIDO’s 4WD. We can only take more if additional 4WD transport is volunteered or volunteers travel independently to the destinations.

Details of FIDO’s past working bees based at Eurong can be found at http://www.fido.org.au. These are both enjoyable and very satisfying projects mixing work, recreation and exploring Fraser Island. These projects are funded with grants from the Burnett Mary Regional Group for natural resource management. FIDO asks volunteers to contract to undertake a minimum of 20 hours voluntary work.

FIDO provides the transport, catering and accommodation in comfortable shared houses as well as tours of World Heritage Fraser Island. Volunteers are asked to contribute 20 hours of on-the-ground work in return. Volunteers also need to provide their own towels and bed linen. FIDO also seeks voluntary contributions to meeting some costs not covered by the grant. (tours, travel and some catering). This voluntary payment but for budgetary reasons preference is given to contributors. As a guideline we suggest $200 ($100 for concessions). This allows a more generous budget to provide a little extra and helps maintain FIDO’s 4WD.

To apply, please complete the following application form: FIDO Volunteer Application Form. Details for returning the form can be found at the top of the form itself.

Bush Regeneration and monitoring — Eurong

16th to 23rd July and 22nd to 29th October (Saturday to Saturday)

This program will be led by veteran bush regenerator Maree Prior. It will be based at “Talinga”, the former Sinclair family home in Eurong Village and will focus on weeding, bush regeneration and building the capacity of the Eurong nursery as well as continuing FIDO’s on-going environmental monitoring programs. This program also includes the development of a Nature Walk within the village area. John Sinclair will be pleased to show volunteers as much of Fraser Island as is possible in the time and he knows the island better than anyone else.

Weeding in Happy Valley

4th – 10th September and 6th – 12th November (Sunday to Saturday)

Peter Shooter will be leading two trips to help tackle the heavy weed infestation in and around Happy Valley. A group of 8 will share one of the comfortable holiday houses in Happy Valley. The group will focus on containing a particularly aggressive weed with poisonous seeds, Abrus prectorius Var Africanus that is heavily impacting on the vegetation but isn’t found anywhere else on Fraser Island. Peter’s groups continue their long-term battle to eradicate Abrus and prevent seeds being set for another crop of this virulent weed. Fitness is needed to carry heavy chemical backpack sprays across steep terrain.

To apply, please complete the following application form: FIDO Volunteer Application Form. Details for returning the form can be found at the top of the form itself.


  1. Gidday Guys
    Is there anyway you can make the Govt enforce that all vehicles before getting on a barge have the underside of the 4WD totally washed by pressure jets/hoses?
    Because I believe that no matter how long you try to eradicate the weeds, some 4WD’s coming on the Island will have seeds stuck underneath.
    Just a thought.
    I have suggested this to previous Govts , but all in vain.

  2. finiaadmin says:

    Hi Simon

    It’s an interesting point and one that FINIA has also been championing for the last 10 years, but it’s not quite as simple as it seems.. The first issue is the location of washdowns – with two entry points to Fraser there’s the River Heads entry (where there is no current wash down) and Inskip Point – where there is a private washdown operating.

    We have had discussions with the 4WD Hire industry (and groups) and they generally wash their vehicles on return and then re-oil them for protection before they are re-hired. If these vehicles were required to be washed down again before re-entering the island, it would reduce their life-span from saltwater corrosion, so not a popular option with industry.. [Incidentally from a risk management perspective, the vehicles going back and forth to the island with this regular washdown routine are likely to be a far lower risk in terms of weed spread].

    The problem as we see it (and agreeing with you) is the privately owned vehicles visiting the island – particularly those that regularly travel off-road between trips to Fraser Island or that don’t have a strict washdown routine.

    We’d love to some quarantine measures in place for all introduced ‘live’ plant materials including seeds and even potted plants.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    • Thanks for your reply.
      To me it isn’t rocket science.
      I wonder how much QWPS spend on weed control and the dreaded back burns which seem to go uncontrolled.? Surely that money would be would be better invested in a wash down entry point.?
      I often wonder if the brumbies played a role in weed control?
      As I see it, you guys will never get on top of the weeds 100% while vehicles still come onto the island carrying unwanted seeds.
      I am sure many vehicles use the wash down “after” they have been to the Island for anti corrosive reasons but if the was a compulsive requirement showing proof of wash down immediately before getting onto a Barge, and given $ discount, maybe more people would do that?
      I see the Govt ever so slow in doing anything good for the Island, it is always left up to volunteers to do the right thing, even in collecting washed up marine debris and rubbish.

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