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Celebrating Ten Years of FINIA on film!

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After our tenth anniversary meeting held on Fraser Island (K’Gari) in December, a short digital story was produced to promote and highlight the achievements of FINIA over the years and its importance in tackling environmental issues on the island.

Managing invasive weeds across the island was the initial focus of the association but activities have branched out to include a range of initiatives:

  • native seed collection, propagation and revegetation (starting with ‘Plant me instead’ replacement programs
  • pest management of the Jamella pandanus leafhopper and cane toad
  • marine debris clean-ups
  • research into fire and managing fire in Fraser Islands unique natural landscapes
  • dingo management
  • increasing knowledge of the island’s unique patterned fens and swamp orchids
  • erosion and rainfall monitoring
  • education and awareness raising activities
  • cultural heritage mapping in conjunction with the Fraser Island World Heritage Area Indigenous Advisory Committee

Or check out the video on Vimeo here.

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