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New Biosecurity Act

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As of 1 July, a new Biosecurity Act now encompasses the previous Land Protection Act. Focused on risk-based management and on the likelihood and consequences of the risk of spread, this broader Act will continue the management of invasive plants and animals throughout Queensland.  All Queenslanders, individuals and organisations have a general biosecurity obligation to take reasonable steps to report and ensure they do not spread a pest, disease or contaminants.

Pest plants and animals will now be classified into two groups of biosecurity matter – prohibited and restricted matter (categories 2, 3, 4 and/or 5).

Restricted matter includes invasive plants and animals that are currently found in Queensland considered having significant impact on human health, social amenity, economy and environment.  Prohibited matter is biosecurity matter not found in Queensland and all are required to prevent from entering Queensland and for incursions to be reported to Biosecurity immediately.

What do changes to the Act mean for regional areas?

Development of Biosecurity management plans by local government and communities have been streamlined and no longer require Ministerial approval.  Planning processes and term of the plan have been removed.  One or more local government areas and their communities can develop practical and appropriate solutions to deal with invasive biosecurity matter jointly.

For further information contact Biosecurity on 132523 or visit the website www.biosecurity.qld.gov.au


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