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A little landscaping improves the natural integrity

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Back in 2011, FINIA had a dilemma about how to use the nursery-raised plants using island genetic stock that needed planting out.  It was resolved to plant them at the western entrance to Eurong as a demonstration garden.  Since then, as a result of increasingly closer collaboration between FIDO and the Eurong resort, the demonstration garden area has expanded significantly, changing and enhancing this side of Eurong.

FIDO_Eurong Team

FIDO’s hardworking team of volunteers

It has been so impressive that FIDO was recently invited to do some landscaping inside the core area of the resort.  Using 200 native plants from stock raised by FIDO in the QPWS Eurong Nursery, nine FIDO volunteers have created a new garden in front of the Tradewinds Units.  Slowly but surely through landscaping, the Eurong Resort is fitting more comfortably into the natural environment.

Submitted by John Sinclair AO, FIDO

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