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The Fraser Island Repository is a project of the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). The collection will, for the first time, gather in one place dispersed material relating to Fraser Island, particularly that held in government departments.

Through USC’s interests in Fraser-K’gari, which include the Research and Learning Centre at Dilli Village and Fraser Coast campus, it became clear that there are significant historical documents, data, research reports, oral histories and photographs that, up until now, have not had a ‘home’.

The librarians working on the ‘Collection’ are in the process of identifying material that is already collected somewhere, even if it is in an office filing cabinet. There are other important materials that should be collected and a start has been made with the donated collections of figures key to Fraser Island, such as John Sinclair AO, who began the Fraser Island Defenders Organisation in the 1970s. As a great deal of the political and activist activity around Fraser Island occurred during the 1970s, there may be other individuals who are ‘maturing in years’ who may hold private collections.

It is anticipated that the project and the accompanying materials collection will serve multiple goals.  It will attract researchers from other institutions to collaborate with USC researchers on important research projects. USC is also hoping that the Collection will provide a central point for deposit of, and access to, Fraser Island resources for the broader region and the local community.

For more information or to liaise with the Repository Team about material you may want to archive, please contact Kim Walker kwalker4@usc.edu.au.

Submitted by Kim Walker, University of the Sunshine Coast

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