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Persistence Paying Off

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FIDO’s Bush Regeneration program has been operating volunteer week-long weeding operations since 2005.  However, the number of weeding operations has increased progressively from one in 2005 to 10 in 2016–17.  This is to keep pace with the increasing threat, and number, of weed invaders.


Abrus – on the priority hit list for FIDO (Photo: Sue Sargent)

Su Dawson has so far volunteered for more than 20 week-long trips from the very first in 2005.  Over those years, she has refined plans to map and deal with the weeds of Eurong that are showing impressive results.  She has mapped six priority weeds to be eliminated from the Green Zone.  Another six priority weeds are being targeted in the Orange Zone, while a further nine priority weeds that are substantially under control (e.g. Lantana and Easter Cassia) need regular monitoring.  There are now 42 weed species on the watch list.

Sadly, this list continues to grow as new weeds are imported innocently into this very busy island hub.  Still, with persistence, Su aims to whittle away the 63 species and convert the Orange zones of Eurong to Green Zones that require only regular monitoring and maintenance work.

Another example of where perseverance is paying off is in Happy Valley, where, since the start of 2014 and over 10 working bees, Peter Shooter’s teams have progressively whittled away the Abrus over about 40 hectares and are slowly gaining the upper-hand.

While continuing to monitor and treat Abrus on sight, attention can now be turned to other priority weeds, along with a focus on Easter Cassia and lantana.

Submitted by John Sinclair AO, FIDO


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