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Eurong Bush Regeneration

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Between 21 to 27 October 2018, the group of 10 Fraser Island Defenders Organisation (FIDO) volunteers contributed 239.5 volunteer hours of work in the Eurong precinct and Central Station where follow up work was carried out to eliminate Clivea and Gloriosa lillies.

FIDO_Eurong TeamPileValleyThe group carried out maintenance of the nursery, collected much new propagation material, sowed more seeds in readiness for upcoming programs including planting Cypress to screen off the Deer Farm, planted out many seedlings and potted up more plants from tubes, cleaned pots and expanded the capacity of the nursery.

The team relocated plants in the Pandanus nursery from the northern side of Easton Street to the southern side to take advantage of the Resort’s amended greywater irrigation regime.

60 plants from the nursery were planted out around the village as part of the bush regeneration program and other plants distributed to private Eurong landholders.

The group had a major achievement in the lantana attack south of Eurong freeing up many native plants and eliminating three (3) Cocos Palms and breaking through the former wall.  They carried out extensive manual weeding particularly in the vicinity of Problem Corner to Singapore Alley to eliminate Coral Creeper, Singapore Daisy mother of Millions, Sisal lantana and Basket Asparagus and manually weeded the Coral Creeper and lantana outside the northern dingo fence.

A flush new growth of Green Panic fringing the south of the resort and in Easton street precinct were also managed.  Finally, the Nature Walk was tidied up, reinstating one deliberately removed barricade.

Report submitted by John Sinclair, FIDO

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