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USC Technology and Innovation in Tourism, Leisure and Events student, Beau Ivey is currently working on a FINIA-nominated ‘industry’ project to help us re-design our barge video. 

Beau is focussed on changing the behaviour of tourists while they are on the Wanggoolba barge looking at building engagement in both the ‘servicescape environment’ and through other methods. 

How do you deliver key messages to K’gari’s tourists? (Photo: FINIA)

Servicescape includes the positioning and size of the current TV screen, as well as potentially getting someone to give speeches on the barge on occasion to build interactivity and co-creation. With the video and speeches, Beau suggests that important stakeholders such as the Butchulla community and FINIA members should deliver the section most relevant to them.  For example, the Welcome to Country, taking care of the island and even fun things to do on the Island that benefit the environment that could be delivered by a member of the community. 

Beau is also looking at other opportunities to share or disseminate information such as the K’gari App, as well as developing a cost-effective stamp or reward for tourists who learn about the environment to incentivise learning more while staying true to the destination.

Beau will present his results at USC with a presentation at USC Sippy Downs at the end of the course on Friday 31 May where student groups will highlight innovation and technology solutions to address a range of proposed business-related problems. These projects are designed to increase student engagement and provide work integrated learning. Beau’s findings will be shared with FINIA members at the August meeting. 

Submitted by the Beau Ivey, University of the Sunshine Coast

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