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FINIA Profile: Jade Gould, Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation

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Galangoor Djali (good day)

My name is Jade Gould; I have been newly elected to the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation Board of Directors.

Jade Gould on K’gari (photo supplied)

I have also been given the responsibility of building a relationship with FINIA and FIDO. The Butchulla people acknowledge the good work done for country by these groups. 

I spent all of my childhood on Butchulla country growing, learning and connecting. What is good for the country comes first is a traditional Butchulla lore that guides me and my work, and this is what inspired me to pursue a university education. In 2015, I graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Ecology and Conservation. I strongly believe that western science and Traditional Knowledge are two complementary sets of data we can use to better inform management practices.

I aim to use knowledge gained at university, and my professional career coupled with Traditional Ecological Knowledge learnt while living on country to help better manage country.  I look forward to gaining more knowledge about country and building better relationships with our stakeholders. 

Nhaa nyin bana (See you later) 

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  1. S. Zela Bissett says:

    Hi Jade
    Good to see you at Rainbow Beach Bioblitz recently. Congratulations on being elected to the BAC. I am going to K’gari for the Happy Valley working bee with Peter Shooter from 9 till 15 June. I went earlier this year with Suzanne Wilson for an interim working bee with FIDO just before John died. I thought I might be able to help FIDO by writing articles for the Moonbi newsletter and other publications.
    As you may already know, I am working on a PhD on the theme of John Sinclair’s relationship with nature conservation and K’gari in particular. I want to look at this from the context of other Australian nature preservation campaigns including the Gordon-below-Franklin and Terania Creek. I want to write a formal letter to the BAC explaining my research, although I spoke about it to some of the leaders at the Biosphere conference in Maryborough back in March.
    I had several conversations with John before he died, about the project and luckily he signed a permission form to use his information. I want to include the BAC and any other Butchulla informants who would like to be involved. Hope to discuss it in more detail soon, Zela

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