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K’gari-Fraser Island App Update

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The K’gari App is a free guide for anyone planning a trip to K’gari. The App provides important information on what you need to know before you go, getting to the island and what to do when on the island.

It also provides information on the natural integrity of the island, history and threats. Information is continually updated. Photos have been sourced from the John Sinclair collection, USC academics, students and members of the community.

The App has a five-star Apple App Store and Google Play ratings and has achieved 5000 downloads since its launch in 2018. The App, ideally, is a community resource, informing the community and visitors about the island, where to go and what to do. Importantly, it provides information on the need to protect K’gari, to understand the very significant and long cultural history, to be respectful and how to stay safe.

The App has become an essential teaching tool for education groups participating in field trips to K’gari. It is also used by research groups, providing researchers with links to papers housed in USC’s K’gari-Fraser Island Research Archive.

The previous app licence expired in September of this year.  Fortunately, an opportunity arose to transition to a new and cheaper platform with greater capability. The new platform has the potential to include more data, such as citizen science. It will also link to the K’gari (Fraser Island) World Heritage Discovery Centre (USC – Kingfisher Bay collaboration), once opened later this year.

To download the App on your Smart Phone, go to the app store and search for “Fraser Island Guide”. If you already have the App, your device should have automatically linked to the new platform.

If you have material that you think would contribute to the App or any ideas on how the App could be used to collect data for Citizen Science, please contact Kim Walker at kwalker4@usc.edu.au.

Contributed by Dr Kim Walker, University of the Sunshine Coast

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