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November 2020: Parks Update

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‘Galangoor djali’, G’ day, and welcome back. The island has certainly eased its way out of hibernation, welcoming the return of visitors back to K’gari.

It goes without saying, holidaymakers are a big part of Great Sandy National Park, and after such an intense period of ‘social distancing’, it’s refreshing to see visitors reconnecting with the environment, family and friends.

Finding a balance, the park embraced some unexpected time-out. A rare moment for the landscape to rest and regenerate… you could almost hear the sand dunes breathe a momentary sigh of relief.

Emerging from this slumber, masses of blue tiger butterflies (Tirumala hamata) proliferated the landscape, their intense blue wings dominating the stretches of beach, as they continued their annual migration north for the wet season.

Significant increases in visitor numbers amid COVID restrictions have sadly intensified the presence of rubbish and anti-social behaviour, including illegal campfires. These additional pressures to our pristine landscape have seen rangers busier, undertaking additional law enforcement and fire mitigation duties.

A timely reminder to plan ahead and remember to ‘Leave No Trace’.

Article contributed by D.Bowman, QPWS&P, PC Ranger, K’gari

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