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There’s always something new to see whenever you are out in the field, and inevitably you find yourself looking at plants that you haven’t seen before – weed or not weed?

This eLearning course has been designed to provide members of the Weed Spotters Network of Queensland and interested members of the public with information on how to:

  • understand how Queensland manages the biosecurity risk of invasive plants (weeds),
  • learn more about weeds in Queensland and where they might occur,
  • understand your general biosecurity obligation for weeds,
  • identify Queensland prohibited category weeds using key characteristics,
  • be an effective and informed member of the Weed Spotter Network of Queensland,
  • confidently report a prohibited weed,
  • stay safe and minimise health risks and hazards while weed spotting.

At the end of the online course, you will be told how you can contact the Weed Spotter Network of Queensland [WSNQ] coordinator to confirm your successful completion.

Access the online course: Weed Spotters Network Queensland eLearning.

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