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Consensus-Building on K’gari’s Fire Management

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The University of the Sunshine Coast has received Queensland Resilience and Risk Reduction Funding (QRRRF) to facilitate a three-day workshop to gain consensus on K’gari fire management.

The project aims to seek agreement on reducing the risk and limiting the impact of fire as a natural hazard on Great Sandy WHA – K’gari. The objectives are to: 

K’gari’s devasting bushfire in late 2020 burnt over half the World Heritage property (Photo: The Australian)
  1. Improve understanding of increasing fire risk to the unique natural – ecological and cultural environment;
  2. Strengthen partnership-based collaboration on fire management among all key stakeholders, including the BAC, QPWS, QFES, Fraser Coast Council, Kingfisher Bay Resort, community, and business representatives through the K’gari Locality Specific Fire Management Group;
  3. Draw on the draft Fire Risk Management Strategy identified in the IGEM K’gari Bushfire Review 2020-21;
  4. Share stakeholder perspectives, practice, and experience with prescribed burning techniques (including cultural burns) to prepare for increasing bushfire risk and with ways of responding to wildfires (fire suppression); and,
  5. Develop consensus among stakeholders about fire management approaches, recognising Butchulla perspectives, which was identified as a priority at the K’gari Symposium held in December 2021 in Hervey Bay.

Kim Walker and Claudia Baldwin of UniSC will lead the project in collaboration with key stakeholders. The workshop will be held in the first part of 2023 at Dilli Village. Kim and Claudia will talk to groups ahead of time about their input to the process. For further information, contact Kim Walker at kwalker4@usc.edu.au  

Article contributed by Dr Claudia Baldwin and Dr Kim Walker, University of the Sunshine Coast

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