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Call for Survey Takers – Iconic Dingo Project

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The University of the Sunshine Coast’s DSITIA-funded ‘Iconic Dingo project’ is very keen to secure the views and perspectives of all FINIA members as they finalise the data-gathering stage of their project. Essentially we are a small team of humanities and social science scholars who are exploring how different stakeholders perceive the dingo and the stories they hold.

Iconic Dingo Project summary

The project titled ‘The Iconic Dingo: Valuing their future on K’gari-Fraser Island’ aims to interpret existing K’Gari-Fraser Island visitor and human–dingo interaction data provided by QPWS partners and gather new data on the way various stakeholders and interests value and expect to interact with dingoes. It is funded by Queensland’s Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts. This research identifies socio-cultural values and their interstices with geo-spatial human–dingo interactions and incidents. Such values and interactions will be used to improve communication planning for the QPWS and advise on the contested perspectives on the K’Gari Fraser Island dingo. The team includes a range of expertise from literature and humanities, social science, spatial science and communications including Angela Wardell-Johnson (Environmental Sociology, Curtin University), Jen Carter (Geography, USC), Umi Khattab (PR, Media Studies and Communication, USC), and is led by Clare Archer-Lean (Literature, Environmental Humanities, Critical Human Animal Studies, USC).

How you can assist

There are two ways interested FINIA members can assist. The first and most important is to fill in the broad stakeholder survey. It takes approximately 15–20 minutes to complete (less if you are experienced on the island). The survey is designed to be completed during a trip to the island so if members can complete it based on their last trip that would be excellent. The link to access the survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/L56XXDL

We are hoping as many members as possible will fill in the survey to ensure balanced reporting to QPWS and to insure the integrity of wider publications and impacts out of the project. Sue Sargent also has print copies, or Clare Archer-Lean, the project leader, can post out print copies. An additional way to help is to send ideas/positions/opinion to Clare on carcher@usc.edu.au. The key focus questions we would like you to respond to via email are:

  1. Participants’ opinion of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services’ (QPWS) Fraser Island Dingo Management Strategy (FIDMS) and key education messages
  2. How participants feel about conservation of the dingo and their cultural value
  3. Whether the FIDMS is effective in meeting its objectives
  4. Suggestions on improving strategies and effectiveness of communication to the public

We are very grateful for your assistance. It is important that we provide a balanced report of diverse groups’ perspectives.

Dr Clare Archer-Lean, USC

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